A few months ago we started a movement - doing things differently. Every Friday evening, we do different things - working on an open-source gem, doing open-source projects, learning new things and having fun.
Its actually making a difference - its now open to the community.

Filter.js is the javascript library for client-side searches. It has multiple filter criteria that can be specified and used in conjunction with each other. It has easy integration with jQuery templates and mustache. See the demo here
Its been covered by Softpedia and Smashing Magazine

We wanted to solve these problems:

  • A single User Manager application (which will authenticate ALL users with different roles)
  • Different internal applications which talk to User Manager for authentication
  • User should be able to login/sign-up via Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Single Sign On between all applications.

StreamTable.js streams data for tables in the background, updates and renders them using templating frameworks like Mustache.js, HandleBars.js

We have help build the PuneRB site. This is a portal where we share ideas and work on them. This keeps the community going. It has a unique 'only-twitter' authentication and does not save any email information.

We are all about Ruby! Even this website itself is open-source! It's an example of our work - Twitter Bootstrap, coffeescript, scss and Rails asset pipeline in action!

We have been helping blitz.io update their gem with peripheral functionality. This is as part of Open Source Friday meetups.

We at Josh, have been participating in Rails Rumble since 2012 and Bidder is an outcome of Rails Rumble 2013. Bidder is 2 player game built in Rails. It uses Slanger for sending and receiving asynchronous requests. People enjoyed this game at Josh so we continued working on Bidder. We hosted Bidder knockouts games in RubyConf India 2014, and the winner recieved a Bidder T-shirt. The response was overwhelming. We still work on Bidder in our Open Source Friday meetups.